'Parched' (Sex and the Village: An Indian Version)

Priyanka Verma


Using the critically acclaimed film ‘Parched’ (Leena Yadav: 2015), this opinion piece examines the new space created for women’s freedom and desire in this film set in the patriarchal setting of a rural Indian village.

One could argue that this film has a clear activist purpose as well as an artistic one that is to encourage women to challenge the oppressing patriarchal paradigm thus prompting a paradigm shift in gender relations in society. Parched is a powerful film, the scenes in the film are controversial as women get intimate and express their sexual desires outside the hetero-normative systems. The filmmaker criticize and highlight the lack of respect women receive in the patriarchal structure. Thus, offers different ways of approaching one’s sexuality not as a sex object but as the subject in charge of one’s desire.


psychoanalysis, India, cinema, patriarchy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1234/fa.v0i79.355

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